Tekapo Springs Star Gazing

Terms & Conditions

Full payment will be required at the time of your booking whether in person or online. You agree to and accept Tekapo Star Gazing’s Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy, as outlined here.

Tekapo Star Gazing asks you to understand that we are unable to guarantee full clarity, perfect skies, and visibility of certain objects in the night sky. We are in an alpine environment where the weather can change very quickly.

Tekapo Star Gazing (TSG) Tours will operate regardless of weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather or unclear skies, an exciting astronomy / Astrological / story telling presentation with your guide utilising a large high definition projector screen will replace the half hour outdoors portion of the tour.

Please be aware that your tour is not subject to discounts or refunds for any reason, including the weather.

Tours may be subject to partial or full cloud cover for parts or all the tour. In this case, we will continue the tour using the sky which is visible. If no sky is visible we will move to our indoor High Definition big screen star tour presentation. Tours will still enjoy a soak in the hot pools after-hours with lights out and relaxing astro music playing. Tekapo Star Gazing has the right to cancel or change the duration of the tour in response to extreme weather or environmental conditions.

Due to safety reasons, children under the age of six cannot join any tour. This will be strictly adhered to.

Any photography taken from Tekapo Springs is for personal use only. No pictures or imagery can be used for commercial purposes unless TSG has given permission.

Customers are informed that participation in photos taken on the star gazing tours is purely voluntary. These photos may be made public and used on Tekapo Star Gazing’s social media sites and website.

Please note:
- Tekapo Star Gazing cannot predict the weather nor guarantee weather conditions. All objects may not be visible. However, we endeavour to offer a great indoor guided astronomy / astrological / story telling tour with the aid of a high definition projector if cloud totally hides the night sky. Many of the astronomy photos and videos you will see in this indoor presentation are in colour and high detail. You would not see this colour through telescopes.

- White lights are not allowed on any tours (flash photography, illuminated mobile phones, flashlights, personal torches, LCD screens, etc.) as white light will diminish your eyes ability to view the stars.

- Smoking is only permitted in our designated smoking area

- Due to Health & Safety requirements, no alcohol is permitted in the hot pools

- Objects viewed through the telescope are generally black and white

- Swimwear is required in the pools always. Please bring your own swimwear and towel for your tour.

- Warm clothing is essential on all our tours regardless the season, but particularly from April through to October. Our tours will spend approximately 30 minutes outside listening to our guides and looking through our telescopes

- Photos you take on the tour may be used for personal use only

- Video recording and any reproduction of tour star gazing tour without specific written permission is strictly prohibited

- It is essential that you do not run around the pool complex as you are likely to fall and hurt yourself. Running is strictly prohibited

- Lockers are available to use throughout your tour free of charge