Tekapo Springs Star Gazing

Night Tours

Tours are operated from Tekapo Springs existing facilities, however check in for these tours is at our Tekapo Star Gazing office in Lake Tekapo Township on the main street next to the Godley Hotel. Tours will entail either an outdoor 40-minute guided tour with the use of our Professional Celestron 9.25 Aperture and Sky Watcher Esprit 120 telescopes, OR an exciting indoor 40-minute guided tour utilizing our high definition projector screen with fantastic colour astro images and video. The indoor component will feature the same guided content as the outdoor tour. Night sky visibility will determine whether either the outdoor or indoor guided tour is utilized.
Guides will point out the major night sky features and tell you about their significance for navigational and cultural purposes for European, Maori, Polynesian, Aboriginal and Greek cultures along with some entertaining stories. After this formal guided tour, star gazers will be invited to get changed and enter the hot pools which will be dimly lit until everyone is in the pools. Once star gazers are all settled in the hot pools, lights will turn out, and beautiful relaxing astro music will play. Bathers will be offered buoyancy aqua chairs so they can comfortably lie back and relax. A Guide will be present while you are in the pools to answer any questions you may have.
All tours are 2 hours in duration, but please allow 2.5 hours in total including travel and check in. The café will be open for drinks and snacks throughout the tour.